Absolutely knackered at the end. It wasn’t the distance, but it was the starting speed. Not unhappy with the run, but it was a good reminder that I need more stamina. 😉

Epic distance, or epic glitch?

Either iSmoothhrun had a major gps glitch today, or I have run an epic time over an epic distance. I suspect the first , which means I probably only did half of what I think I did. 😉 Well, I had to go home didn’t I?

Bad things come in threes…

All bad things come in threes, yes? So that’s what happened. First I dropped my earbuds for running and destroyed them. Then it started to bucket down from my furthest point onwards and I had to go use a bathroom from 10 minutes into my run. But, I made it.


It felt pretty decent. I hurt a bit after the 6.5K earlier this week, but decided to go for it nonetheless. Happy about that now.

Feeling like superman

I feel like superman right now. Where I couldn’t finish a 5K without walking last week, I did 6,5K without walking today. And I find that simply amazing.

Too hot

I know. It was too hot and I was going faster than my schedule told me to. But I did make it and if I wanted to create my own mobile shower, I definitely succeeded.