Absolutely knackered at the end. It wasn’t the distance, but it was the starting speed. Not unhappy with the run, but it was a good reminder that I need more stamina. 😉

Epic distance, or epic glitch?

Either iSmoothhrun had a major gps glitch today, or I have run an epic time over an epic distance. I suspect the first , which means I probably only did half of what I think I did. 😉 Well, I had to go home didn’t I?

Bad things come in threes…

All bad things come in threes, yes? So that’s what happened. First I dropped my earbuds for running and destroyed them. Then it started to bucket down from my furthest point onwards and I had to go use a bathroom from 10 minutes into my run. But, I made it.


It felt pretty decent. I hurt a bit after the 6.5K earlier this week, but decided to go for it nonetheless. Happy about that now.

Feeling like superman

I feel like superman right now. Where I couldn’t finish a 5K without walking last week, I did 6,5K without walking today. And I find that simply amazing.

Too hot

I know. It was too hot and I was going faster than my schedule told me to. But I did make it and if I wanted to create my own mobile shower, I definitely succeeded.

First 5K in years!

YES! I have made my first 5K in a long time. Granted, I had to walk about 50 meters twice, but I am tremendously proud of myself. It wasn’t my easiest run ever, but most importantly, I made it. 😀

After the flu…

After my stomach flu, this was my first run. Decided to push myself beyond the training schedule tempo to see what I could ultimately do on a 3K run. Might need to adjust my schedule a bit now. 😉


Pretty well. I had to pace myself down a lot, which didn’t work. So I finished my schedule 4 minutes early. But I was able to run 3K without walking.

Weer naar buiten

Vanochtend nog even naar buiten voor ik de auto in klim voor mijn volgende afspraak. Naar aanleiding van mijn inschrijving bij de Urban Trail Middelburg besloten om mezelf wat meer te pushen vanochtend. Ik voel me wel redelijk op nu, maar goed, ik heb het wel gehaald en daar ben ik tevreden over. Grappig genoeg… Lees verder Weer naar buiten

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